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AG Voiced delivers career strategy and resources for women of color.


Workplaces aren’t built for us.

As women of color, we are more ambitious than our colleagues but less likely to be promoted or hired into a leadership position.
We are highly educated (often the first in our family to receive a college degree) but we are paid less than our colleagues with less experience and less formal education.
We are lifting up our communities and taking care of our families but we are penalized for our choices and how we prioritize our time.
We deserve better. We deserve careers that reward our ambitions, value our capabilities and support our well-being.

Career strategies made for us.

AG Voiced is founded by a woman of color and serves women of color. Why? Because navigating a career as a woman of color is a frightening, frustrating, saddening, and maddening journey. The career advice and resources that work for everyone else, don’t apply to us.

We’re relentless in connecting you to the career resources you need to reach your goals. Maybe your goal is a new job, a career transition, re-entering the workforce after being away or a promotion. We are here to support you in reaching that goal. Let’s get started!

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“Nobody wants to tell women of color how to build successful careers. It would disrupt the system - the one built on the backs of women of color. ”

Audrey Galo  |  Founder


Hi, I’m Audrey.


An entrepreneur, creator, strategist, speaker and expert career transitioner dedicated to helping you reach career success.

My career doesn’t fit in a conventional box. I was trained as an architect, wore a hard hat on construction sites, raised money for global humanitarian programs, catalyzed the disaster resilience movement, grew an online platform for social services access and launched my own company. It’s not conventional because being a woman of color, in my case Latinx meant my career journey would involve risk and forging my own path in places where women of color weren’t visible or not recognized for their impact.

Tired of being told “no”. The first time I was told that I couldn’t pursue my career plans I was 13 years old and applying to the top college prep public school (it required you pass a test) and my counselor told me that I wouldn’t get in so I shouldn’t try. Of course I got in. The second time was when I was 17 years old and applying to college and my counselor told me that my choices were out of my reach so I shouldn’t try. Of course I got in. I hadn’t set foot in an office yet and I’d already learned how eager others would be to impose limitations on my abilities and intelligence. It was a priceless lesson.

Lending my voice, strength, support to help you. I created AG Voiced to serve women of color because I know first hand how lonely and tiring the career journey can be. We are surrounded by friends and family, but they don’t have the answers we need to our most pressing career questions. We are strong and push through, but when can we be vulnerable and ask for what we truly need. AG Voiced is your support system. AG Voiced is where you can be heard, heal, grow, succeed — and just be you.

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