Thank you!

AG Voiced started as an effort to create a support system for women of color like me - ambitious, smart, determined and resilient women. I grew up surrounded by strong women in my family and friends; they are my teachers, mentors and role models. I’m taking this moment to express gratitude for their time, compassion, patience and presence.

My parents and siblings who taught me all I needed to navigate a crazy, scary world. My wife and partner, Tomomi, who taught me to share my wisdom and love with the world and who showed me that I can dream bigger than I had ever imagined. To my second sister, brother and parents (aka my in laws) who are consistent believers in my potential. My grandparents who didn’t see me grow up but shower me with blessings and protection from above.

My chosen family, my amazing co-conspirators in everything I do and who continue to show up in my life no matter how near or far you are. In my AG Voiced journey: Natalia for the non-stop ideas and for coming to my events even when we were the only ones there; Ehan for checking up on me and sharing in the entrepreneurial journey together; Donna for inspiring me to use my voice like you do so fabulously when you’re onstage; Yuko for always showing up to events and sharing delicious meals together; Lulu for generously gifting me with much needed digital ads; Tomika for letting me crash on your couch; Ben for dog-sitting; Hiromi for letting me interview you and always offering to help; Garrett for inspiring me with your community building work; Shalini for your constant mentorship and for always lifting up women of color; Emma, Carly, Herbert, Angel, Isaac, Tae, George, Nora, Anna, Yukacchi (Yuka), Morinori (Kaori) for showing up to my event after a long work day. And to the rest of my community of friends, thank you for asking me how I’m doing, taking care of me in so many ways and for always smiling and encouraging me.

My clients for trusting me and welcoming me into their lives. I’m grateful to have played a role in your career journey and look forward to hearing all about your future successes and adventures.

My Amplify readers for continuing to strive towards your goals and for your persistence in getting the career you deserve.

Thank you to all the recent sources of inspiration and learning including Female Founder School (especially Enhao, Brittney, Sondra, Christine); Nathalie Molina Niño (read her book Leapfrog); Minda Harts (can’t wait for her book The Memo); Elizabeth Rosario (The Latinx Collective inspired Amplify); and Future for Us (your summit was a healing experience).

“‘Thank you’ is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding.” -Alice Walker