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Discover your leadership potential.

We'll help you become a leader by addressing the unique career challenges we face living at the intersections of our race, gender, social class, immigration status and sexuality.


Group Workshops

AG Voiced Group Workshops are hands-on, interactive 2-hour sessions and delivered in-person. Best suited for groups of 10-50 people. We rely on companies/groups to provide a suitable meeting location.

Workshops are $950 and include:

  • 2 hour workshop & workshop materials;
  • 2-, 4-, 6-week email follow up for all attendees with added resources;
  • 1 month of free individual assistance through AG Voiced text line.

Contact us about bundling multiple workshops or customized programming.


Starting your leadership journey

In the first years of your career you'll be jumping into a whole new world, we'll help you understand your power and potential as a leader. You'll learn to find your authentic voice, nail first impressions, decipher office politics, make friends, allies and sponsors, identify your strengths and challenges, face failure and plan the next steps in your career.

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Critical leadership turning points

Uncover what’s keeping you from the next chapter of your leadership journey, we’ll discuss organizational barriers, bad managers, self-doubt, emotional labor and burnout. You'll learn to capture and communicate your story, build a network of supporters and followers and identify and interview prospective employers so you find a workplace you can grow and succeed in.

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expanding your leadership

All leaders must adapt to ever-changing environments and people. We'll discuss how to navigate your on-going journey of redefining who you are as a leader.  You'll learn to identify your leadership values, refine your purpose, align your beliefs with your actions and yield your voice, power and influence to create lasting change.

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Individual 1:1 Support

Ready to make swift progress? Our individualized support is completely customized to your needs.

  • Support in 1 or multiple core support areas;
  • Receive personalized resources and tips in weekly email;
  • 90-minute weekly or twice a month virtual meetings to discuss progress, challenges and next steps; and provide advice and support.

Individual support pricing based on individual's needs and goals; estimated rate $100/hour. AG Voiced is committed to making individual support services affordably priced so they are attainable to a broad audience.  Contact us for information about discounts.


Core area #1: reflection

We will help you understand current and past work behaviors, identify your comfort zones and connect to the underlying reasons and mindsets that feed into your career and professional decisions. Ideal if you are asking yourself why certain situations keep repeating themselves, what's holding you back professionally or what's next for me.

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Core area #2: growth

We foster your professional growth by assessing your current strengths, identifying critical areas of growth so you can tackle current or future challenges. We will craft a customized learning plan that supports on-going growth. Ideal if you were recently promoted, taking on a challenging/ambitious project, or ready to accelerate your career.

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Core Area #3: Connections

We help you forge new professional connections, navigate existing relationships to build a strong, supportive network of peers, mentors and sponsors. Ideal if you want a professional support system and community but don't know where to start.

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