ISSUE #16 - July 31, 2019


I have a hard time asking for help (more about that in this week’s Perspective section) and I’m following my own advice and today I’m asking you, Amplify readers and contributors, for your help.

I need your help inviting more women of color to join the Amplify community! I truly believe in the positive effect Amplify has on our careers - we gain access to the resources that can help us thrive. Please forward this issue of Amplify to five (or more!) of your friends, colleagues or family members. Tell them why you love Amplify and invite them to join us.

I thank you for being a part of this community and for the continued positive and constructive feedback so Amplify can continue to address our career needs and challenges.

Now let’s get to this week’s resources! Happy reading!

Audrey Galo
Creator & Writer of Amplify
Founder of AG Voiced

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[listen] “How to Own Your Voice” ft. Rhonda Khan (shared by Amplify reader Cynthia!)

[read] “6 Ways You Undersell Yourself In Your Resume & How to Fix Them” by Avenir Careers (also from Cynthia!)

[virtual] Get access to a FREE mini-coaching session with Kristen Iris, coach for Black creatives. Kristin will laser in on a specific issue you need help with. The session will be recorded and posted on her YouTube and social for others to learn from.


Why is it so hard to ask for help? In part because of the story we tell ourselves (and have been made to believe) we need to be self-reliant, strong and not complain. I’ve always been particularly proud that I’m the “figure it out” type and not much gets in the way of accomplishing my goals. But for me ‘figure it out’ has meant not asking for help when I should because it felt like a sign of failure or even worse that I wasn’t trying hard enough.

We all have our unique reasons why we don’t ask for help. I challenge us to think about how we can view asking for help as an opportunity to grow and learn from others rather than a sign of weakness. Take some time to reflect on how you view asking for help and think of how you might open opportunities to ask for help in the future.

What prevents me from asking for help?
Describe a recent situation when you felt comfortable asking for help.
Describe a recent situation when you didn’t ask for help but you probably should have.
How do you offer help to others?
Why don’t you expect to be given the same help you offer others?
What are 3 asks for help you can make this week?


Events Calendar

Discover over 50 August events for women of color in 15+ cities nationally! Find an event near you! Access the full calendar, here.

Highlighted events for this week:

Aug 02, San Jose - Latinx Speaker Series - Conversation with Netflix
Aug 03, Chicago - Dark Girls-Short Film & Discussion/Refreshments
Aug 04, Ft. Lauderdale - Un-gentrifying Intersectionality
Aug 04, Boston - Haitian Women's Empowerment Brunch
Aug 10, Detroit - Black Women Empowerment Conference