ISSUE #3 - Feb 20, 2019


February is flying by! Many of you are job searching, networking like crazy, attending Black History events and preparing for International Women’s Day on March 8. How do we get it all done?!

Thanks for those who wrote me your feedback. I learned that a few of you reading Amplify are from outside the Bay Area! I’ll be sure to include more virtual events that you can take advantage of.

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Happy reading!

Audrey Galo
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[Virtual] Positioning Yourself for Career Advancement: The Power of Small to Achieve BIG - TH Feb 21, 9:00 AM, Free
Learn about the “unwritten and unspoken skills” needed for your professional advancement; receive tips on how to navigate everyday toward your career goal and; how you can create your own blueprint to engage others within your organization to support your career. 

[Discussion] Art, Tech and Black Futures - TH Feb 28, 6:00 PM, SF, Free
Discussion on the role of technology in creative spaces and how we can use these mediums to facilitate further mobility across black communities.

[Skills] git hired -f "Women and Non-Binary People in Tech" - TH Mar 07, 6:00 PM, SF, Free
Learn from lightning talks and get a resume review, and practice interviewing. Dinner and non-alcoholic drinks provided.

[Discussion] Women in Tech Breakfast: Building Inclusive Teams for Success - FRI Mar 8, 8:30 AM, SF, Free
Discussion will include expert insights on the negative ripple effects of unconscious biases in company culture; tips for facilitating open and honest dialogue around workplace inequities; strategies for incorporating gender diversity into your talent pipeline and championing inclusion in your organization.

[Virtual] EMPOWERED: Global Women's Virtual Summit - WED Mar 27, 9:00 AM, $30
Join like-minded women from across the globe who are looking to connect, be inspired, share experiences and support one another. Learn from speakers who will cover topics related to leadership, personal and professional development and growth.

[Book] The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table, by Minda Harts
Career advice for women of color. (Some are calling it the Lean In for women of color :)


This week I read this: “When senior women were asked about their career journey as a part of her research, they used the term ‘luck’. Specifically they used this term to describe their journey to becoming a senior leader.” The quote is from Francine Parham’s article “Advancing As a Female Leader: Luck Should Never Be a Career Strategy” (link to article).

I feel saddened that women in senior leadership positions are unable to articulate the hard work, sacrifice, resilience and intellect that is part of the recipe of success they created for themselves. But it also doesn’t surprise me that women have defaulted to responding this way, we’re conditioned by society and patriarchal work cultures to dim our successes and shy away from talking about how difficult challenges are.

Almost eight years ago, I adopted a habit that I’ll share with you - I started an Accomplishments Journal. My Accomplishments Journal is a Google Doc where I was able to document every accomplishment, large or small. I recorded my first solo project I managed, my first speaking event, overcoming a rocky professional relationship that had gone sideways, snagging a large business partnership, etc. Each month I made a commitment to write down at least one accomplishment, some months were easier than others, but I didn’t give up! And you can imagine that after eight years that list has grown.

I use my Journal to give me confidence when I’m doubtful of my abilities or worried about a new challenge. And the Journal helped me gather the evidence I needed when I was preparing to ask for a promotion/salary adjustment. It’s come in handy A LOT!

My Accomplishments Journal is how I’ve been able to keep in perspective that my career isn’t about luck, it’s about me and my choices, sacrifices, ideas, experience, perspective, intellect, intuition, values, relationships. My Journal gives me power and is a holding place for my amazing, adventurous career story.

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Surfers are fighting for equality in their sport. This NYT article shares the history and struggle and shout out to Brown Girl Surf, a nonprofit making waves for girls of color.