ISSUE #12 - May 25, 2019


Happy holiday weekend - I hope you’re reading this on your way to an exciting/relaxing weekend activity. I’m excited to share that Amplify is expanding to feature resources nationwide! So tell all your fellow women of color to join Amplify, because we’re looking out for them too. NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, SF, LA, Seattle…the list goes on! We’ll be adding many more events in the coming weeks!

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[video] “An Honest Conversation About Gender in the Workplace” from 2019 Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit

[video] “3 Black Women Get Honest About Light-Skin Privilege” from Refinery 29

[video] “Rupi Kaur Speaks at Sikh Centennial Gala in Toronto” poet/author/illustrator/performer Rupi Kaur talks about her work and life


This week, actually in 3 days (I have a long commute), I read “Brave, Not Perfect” by Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code. I found it to be a great reminder that I need to continue to be brave and help other women in their bravery as well. #TeamBrave

Here’s a quick round up of salient points to get you excited about the book or in case you don’t have time/interest in reading the whole book.

Who should read this book? If you are constantly second guessing yourself, afraid to try new things, always worried about what other people think, describe yourself as a perfectionist…then you owe it to yourself to read this book. Also if you’re an educator, mentor, coach, parent/caregiver read it!

What’s the book about? A third of the book’s content is pulled directly from Reshma’s life and career experiences that have informed her philosophy and practice of bravery. The second third are examples of women she interviewed about their experiences/lack of bravery. The remaining third is research and experts who discuss how girls/women are nurtured into being afraid to fail or being unliked by others.

Favorite snippets:

“Playing nice doesn’t get us the promotions or positions of power — and it certainly doesn’t get us raises. Being overly accommodating lands us in situations and relationships we don’t necessarily want to be in.”

“Perfection might feel good for a few fleeting moments, but bravery powers us through the difficult times and deep losses that can feel insurmountable.”

“The difference between excellence and perfection is like the difference between love and obsession. One is liberating, the other unhealthy.”

“Bravery isn’t always about doing the biggest, boldest, baddest thing. Sometimes it’s braver to give yourself permission to be true to yourself by not doing something that is expected of you.”

Already read the book? I want to hear your thoughts, join the conversation.