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[Skills] How to Become a Compelling Product Storyteller - TUE, Feb 19, 5:30 PM, SF, Free
Join the Women in Product group at Yelp and other product leaders in the industry as they discuss different approaches to crafting a compelling product story.

[Skills] Story Breakthrough - TH, Feb 21, 12:00 PM, Oakland, $5
Learn to unblock what’s keeping you from telling your story. Cara Jones is a story/visibility coach and founder of Storytellers for Good, now helping entrepreneurs lead with their most authentic selves.

[Networking] Public Good App House Demo Breakfast - FRI, Feb 22, 10:00 AM, SF, Free
Join this event for demos of social benefit apps like Empower Work, Fast Talk, She Change and meet the social good tech community.

[Fun/Networking] Black Vines: A Toast to Black Wines - SAT, Feb 23, 1:00 PM, $60 (benefits Black Female Project)
Celebrate culture, art, and wine as Black Vines brings together Black artists, Black musicians and their featured Black winemakers and vintners.

[Discussion] Ambition and Motherhood - TUE, Feb 26, 6:30 PM, Oakland, Free
Panel of women who are mothers share insights and struggles of career and motherhood.

[Discussion] Invisible Visits: Black Middle-Class Women in the American Healthcare System - TUE, Feb 26, 5:30 PM, Oakland, Free
Dr. Tina Sacks is an assistant professor at UC Berkeley's School of Social Welfare. Her current work investigates the persistence of racial and gender discrimination in health care settings among racial/ethnic minorities who are not poor.


So far I’ve undergone three major career transitions. My first career transition moved me away from architecture and into social change work. My motivation was two fold; first it was the height of the recession and nobody was hiring architects and second I wanted to give back. An important piece of advice anyone will give you in a career transition is figure out what skills and experience you already have that will translate to your new job. Other than basic job skills like being responsible and deeply passionate about helping people, I didn’t feel like I had any translatable skills when I started a fundraising/grant writing/marketing role at a 1-person nonprofit. It wasn’t a career transition, it was a career skydive!

I’ve never been skydiving out of an airplane (and prob won’t ever) but I read that you’re traveling fast, nearly 120 miles per hour. In my new nonprofit role, my learning curve was steep, it felt like I was moving at that speed. I was responsible for writing grants and had no idea what a grant was; I needed to use our building to generate revenue and I had no idea where to start. I did what any of us do in that situation, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. Each week and month that went by, I was able to see my fundraising and marketing efforts produce the results we needed. It was an empowering experience for me.

Since then, anytime I try something new, tackle a challenge or go career skydiving, I think about what I was able to accomplish in my first nonprofit role. How I stretched my abilities and learned new skills to tackle the problems in front of me. Problems that my education or prior work experience hadn’t prepared me for. It was my courage, determination, resourcefulness, intuition that served as my parachute. And I carry my parachute anywhere I decide to go next.

Are you career transitioning? Let me know what questions or doubts you have.


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