ISSUE #19 - Sept 5, 2019


This week I’m asking you to support Kaylyn, a fellow Amplify reader. In the “Q&A” section, Kaylyn shares her workplace situation and we ask that you share your wisdom. Let’s lend a hand to our fellow woman of color!

Search over 40 September events happening in a city near you in our Amplify calendar! We’re constantly updating the calendar with the latest events. Email me if you know of an event happening.

Also don’t miss highlights from a new book that shares the workplace experiences of women of color from a personal, raw and honest perspective. It was refreshing to read a career book that I could directly relate to. I promise you’ll love it!

Happy reading!

Audrey Galo
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Dear Amplify Community,

My name is Kaylyn, and I am writing in need of your advice. I just started at a job a few months ago, and at first, I was having trouble settling in, but given what has been going on in the past month, I’m not sure if it’s so much the transition to life after school, or the actual work environment.
Though marketing is part of my job, I have been bounced from project to project, without adequate time to get into a rhythm in any of those projects, with many of those projects being handed off to contractors with no experience or background in marketing (that was my major in school). My managers have not been particularly helpful when I have gone to them with feedback or requests to stay or move to certain projects. I have also seen a number of ethical dilemmas pop up, which have also put me in uncomfortable positions. This just scratches the surface.

I want your advice and wisdom, how do I know if it’s time to resign?


Ready to share you career wisdom with Kaylyn? Send her a private message on LinkedIn with your advice.


I spent the last week, reading “The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table”. And I also had the chance to meet Minda Harts, the author of this incredible book. Please add this book to your reading list, buy a copy for your friends and family, ask your company to buy copies for the entire staff!

I’m sharing my favorite moments in the book because I can’t keep these gems to myself.

“I spent much of my career in corporate America and the nonprofit sector as the only black woman or one of a few women of color in the companies and organizations I worked for. […] I spent many years of my career wondering if my coworkers were being racist and preventing me from moving forward or if I was making this up in my head.”

“The empathy gap between white women and black and brown women is wider than ever. […] In order for white women to mend their broken relationship with women of color, they must first admit to their racist tendencies and lack of solidarity and lean into being better allies. […] When folks don’t stand up against racism, then I consider them accomplices.”

“I was done just surviving! I had done as much “fake it until you make it” as I could, and it was killing me softly. […] If you aren’t in the room, let alone at the table, then preparing for the highs and lows that require you to advocate for yourself and others requires you to be mentally fit.”


Events Calendar

Discover 40+ September events for women of color in 10+ cities nationally! Find an event near you! Access the full calendar, here.

Highlighted events for this week:

Sept 7, Boston - Millennial Women of Color: Money Talks
Sept 10, Denver - Indigenous Women Lead
Sept 10, Chicago - Women's Empowerment for Single Mom's
Sept 11, Houston - Hispanic Women Networking and Workshop
Sept 12, Oakland - Women of Color Co-Working Meetup: Kindred Oakland