ISSUE #5 - March 14, 2019


I took a break last week to celebrate my anniversary with my partner of 14 years (!) which meant that I put Amplify on the back burner. Today, I’m back with an extended edition to make up for missing a week. And happy belated International Women’s Day!

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Happy reading!

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[Discussion] Creating Healing Space for Black Female Educators - WED, Mar 20, 5:30 PM, Oakland, $10
Hear from Black female teachers as they share how they navigate structural racism and sexism in the classroom and beyond.

[Virtual] BEYA STEM Virtual Career Fair - WED, Mar 20, 10:00 AM EST, Virtual, Free
Connect with companies seeking STEM graduates and professionals.

[Discussion] Women in Tech: Breaking Into Data Science - TH, Mar 21, 6:00 PM, San Francisco, Free
What's the day-to-day like for a data scientist in 2019? What's it like to be a woman in the field? What skills are needed to land a data science role? Data scientists from Airbnb, Uber, Shift Technologies, and Niantic, who will share inspiring stories about their career paths.

[Virtual] Sister Squad Live: Navigating Office Politics, the Woman of Color Edition - SUN, Mar 24, 2:00 PM, Virtual, $25
Learn how to navigate your office in a way that allows you to speak your full truth, honor your identity as a woman of color, and accomplish your professional goals.

[Discussion] Latinx in the Workplace - TUE, Mar 26, 6:30 PM, Los Gatos, Free
”Somos Netflix” hosts a panel and networking event on Latinx in tech and efforts tech companies are making in the D&I space, how their identity affects their work, and more. Must be 21 years of age.

[Culture] Words on Fire: The Work of Nellie Wong, Kitty Tsui & Canyon Sam - SAT, Mar 30, 1:00 PM, San Francisco, $15
Three members of “Unbound Feet,” the seminal Chinese American womens’ writing & performing ensemble (1979-82) will read original poetry and a memoir. Jex Ponce Nguyen will accompany them on guitar.

[Virtual] Mind the gap: Successfully managing generational differences in the workplace, TUE, Apr 9, 1:00 PM EST, Virtual, Free
Learn about, recent research about generational differences in the workplace, what to anticipate from Gen Z and future generations of workers, best practices around how to select and retain the best employees from any generation, practical tips for guiding employees along the path to success in your organization.

[Discussion] Women in Business: Panel & Mixer - MON, Apr 1, 6:00 PM, San Francisco, $10
Enjoy some food and drinks, network with likeminded women, and hear great stories from very talented startup founders from Hostfully, Sparrow, Rupa Health and Treat Yourself.

[List] Podcasts in Color
Search the largest database of podcasts of color, across all subjects and interests! You might just discover your next favorite podcast.

[List] Feminist of Color/Womanist Reading List
A reading list to help women and femmes of color across racial and ethnic identities learn about one another. Thanks to Alicia Sanchez Gill!

[Skills] Negotiation Tips, slides presentation
Pay Equity for Female Software Engineers. Krystal Flores offers salary negotiation advice.


Earlier this month, I spent a Saturday at an Ignite conference and it was well worth the trek in the rain. Ignite is a nonprofit that supports the political aspirations of young women, which is something we can all get behind! The Ignite team shared this fact: women need to be asked a minimum of 7 times to run for office. Seven times! It’s surprising but it also isn’t.

Women are constantly questioned; our abilities doubted. We’re often faced with “are you sure?” or “is that correct?”. And the constant questioning over time erodes our confidence; it makes question ourselves. In turn, we doubt ourselves enough that we need to be asked 7 times to pursue our dreams. We shouldn’t even be waiting to be asked. We don’t need someone else’s permission to build our careers or reach our goals.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been asking myself “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”. This question has helped me get past my self-doubt. It helped me pursue my dream of starting my own business; starting my first weekly newsletter, adopting a puppy, growing a garden, etc. I’m learning how to stay out of my own way and not let past experiences and others negative projections dictate the limits of what I can achieve and experience. I encourage you to ask yourself this question too.

Send me your answer to “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” tweet/DM me, @audreygalo. Can’t wait to hear from you!