ISSUE #14 - Jun 19, 2019


Women of color continue to reach new levels of success by being the ‘first’. But what does it mean to be the first? We often hear about the glory, but what about the pain, turmoil and difficult choices in our path to get there. In Perspective this week, I share my story of being the ‘first’. Can’t wait to hear your story.

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Audrey Galo
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I love stories of women of color who’ve become the first because they are stories of celebration - another barrier torn down! As women of color we experience being the first in many areas of our lives. For me, I was the first in my family to go to graduate school, the first to travel outside the continent, the first Latinx woman in a leadership position at my organization.

When I reached a ‘first’ in my career it also meant that I was the ‘only’ - the only woman of color at the leadership level. I celebrated my success for a short while before reality dawned on me that my environment was about to change quite drastically.

As a ‘first’ and ‘only’, I would be mistaken as an assistant/support role to my male or white women peers. I also caught a formidable case of imposter syndrome because I didn’t feel like I belonged in the room. I was afraid to take big risks because I didn’t want to put my success in danger after having worked so hard to get there. And I chose to hide my struggles at work because I didn’t have anyone who would understand my unique position. (I’m so grateful for my mentors!)

As much as I love reading about our accomplishments, it’s important we talk about the struggles of reaching our success and of being the first.

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