ISSUE #15 - July 15, 2019


After a much needed mini-summer break, Amplify is back! I took time to travel to Chicago, my hometown, to be with family and disconnect from work and my routine. I hope you had a chance to do the same or have a break planned sometime this summer.

In Resources, don’t miss a special Amplify-only discount code (fyi, Amplify doesn’t make any money from this). And in Events, check out where I’ll be on Thursday talking about impostor syndrome!

Happy reading!

Audrey Galo
Creator & Writer of Amplify
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Any given day you are likely witnessing social media throw vile insults to women of color. Just this week, Congresswomen of color were targets of a blatant social media attack, one of many since they launched their campaigns and won their seats. With all the negativity swirling around us, how do we deal with this? Here are a few ideas I rounded up for dealing with negativity; let me know what’s worked for you.

Spend time alone - Take time to turn off social media for 1-2 days (even longer if you can) and spend time in solitude to reflect, process your feelings and center yourself.

Lean on your support system - Gather up your trusted friends/family and let them know you need their help to heal. Surround yourself with people, places and things that provide comfort.

Talk to a therapist - Get help from a therapist to provide you with professional support.

Get creative - Use a creative channel (painting, sculpture, writing, performance, etc) to express what you’re feeling.

Get physical - Express your emotions through a physical activity like running, boxing, martial arts, basketball, zumba, etc.

Lead the revolution - Use your voice and your community to move progress forward for women of color. Tell your story, donate your time/money to a nonprofit, start something new, etc.

How do you deal with the negativity? Email me and I’ll share in next week’s issue!


Events Calendar

Events happening this week in a city near you! Access the full calendar, here.

TH, July 18, 6:30 PM, SF, $15 - Overcoming Impostor Syndrome (Come hear my experience with impostor syndrome!)
SAT, July 20, 11AM, Oakland, $45 - Modern Tea Party by Change Cadet
TH, July 25, 5PM, SF, Free - Career Workshop