ISSUE #8 - April 8, 2019


Many of us are thinking about money, especially since we’re working on our taxes and having to stare our financials in the face. This week’s virtual resources and perspective are about personal finances and our complex relationship with money.

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[video] Kathlyn Hart on salary negotiation tips for women on Sheleader
[article] 8 successful women share how they negotiated their first big raise
[article] Do I Have to Pay Taxes on Side Gig Income? (you can sign up for their “Nerdletter” for weekly money tips/info)
[article] Here's What Millennial Women Need To Know About Money And The Pay Gap In 2019
[video] Start Your Personal Finance Journey

[San Francisco Bay Area]

SAT, Apr 13, 2:00 PM, Oakland, Free - Souls of Women Media Launch
TH, Apr 25, 6:00 PM, SF, Free - TED-style Lessons Learned with Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs in STEM
TUE, Apr 30, 6:00 PM, SF, Free - Women in Urbanism: The Gender Tax in Transportation

[Los Angeles Area]
TUE, Apr 9, 6:30 PM, LA, Free - Speak Club: A Public Speaking Club for Women
SAT, Apr 20, 1:00 PM, LA, Free - WOC in Wellness: Plant Infused Yoga Workshop
MON, Apr 22, 12:30 PM, LA, Free - Pre-Tenure Faculty of Color Networking Event

TUE, Apr 9, 5:30 PM, University Place, $10 - Women & Investing
WED, Apr 17, 6:00 PM, Seattle, $10 - Women and Money: Financial Management Workshop + Community Circle
TH, Apr 25, 6:00 PM, Seattle, Free - Women in Leadership - Owning Your Worth


Many Americans are not in a position to handle a financial emergency of $500. That means that they don’t have enough money to pay an unexpected medical visit, car repair, flight home, computer purchase/repair, deposit for an apartment, etc. It’s a scary reality to be living.

My relationship with money comes from what I observed and experienced with my parents. My parents are very frugal, always saving for a rainy day and their ultimate goals of retirement and sending their three kids to college (both of which they achieved!). My dad worked full-time and my mom ran a small business. I’m grateful my parents passed on their financial knowledge to me so that I could make informed decisions about my spending and saving.

As the daughter of immigrants, as I evolved and grew in my career, I didn’t have a great source of information regarding salary negotiations, benefits, various retirement plans or equity. I also carried over a sense of gratitude for even being hired and would tell myself, “Just be happy you have a job. You shouldn’t push your luck asking for more.”

I learned to undo that thinking by feeling proud and confident in my abilities and the values and expertise I bring to a company/industry. I surrounded myself with people who would push me to ask for more, gave me advice on how to do it successfully and held me accountable. I also asked others (peers, former colleagues, etc) how much money they were making to understand the market and how to position my skill set.

I’m still growing and polishing my relationship with money. I’d love to know, what resources do you use for financial planning? Join the conversation!


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