ISSUE #17 - Aug 7, 2019


There’s so much on my mind this week, maybe you feel this way too. It’s a swirl of thoughts about the recent mass shootings, presidential debates, Toni Morrison’s death (read a quote in Perspective), the end of summer (I’m seeing halloween decorations in stores), back to school, cutting down my commute time and the list goes on.

As women of color, we constantly carry a heavy collection of thoughts with us every day. To lighten that burden, I have found that having conversations with my partner helps me to let go. But I also have to admit it doesn’t work all the time. What helps you lighten the burden?

Audrey Galo
Creator & Writer of Amplify
Founder of AG Voiced

PS: A big thank you to you, the fabulous Amplify community, for inviting many of your friends, family and colleagues to join us! Grateful for each of you!

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Toni Morrison said it best:

“Racists always try to make you think they are the majority, but they never are. It’s always the minority against all of the poor, all of the women, or all of the blacks.”


Events Calendar

Discover over 50 August events for women of color in 15+ cities nationally! Find an event near you! Access the full calendar, here.

Highlighted events for this week:

Aug 10, Detroit - Black Women Empowerment Conference
Aug 10, Chicago - Navigating College as a Woman Of Color
Aug 11, Denver - Well-Read Black Girl Book Club August Meet-Up
Aug 13, Dallas - Women in Leadership:Strategies for Difficult Negotiations
Aug 14, San Francisco - Latinx in Tech - Twitter Threads with Techqueria & Twitter Alas
Aug 15, Seattle - Black Women’s Equal Pay Day Event