ISSUE #18 - Aug 21, 2019


Tomorrow (Aug 22) is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, let’s all raise our voices for black women’s right to equal pay. See our calendar for Equal Pay Day events in your city.

Also join me in reading this new career book for women of color, “The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table” by the incredible Minda Harts. I’ll be reading it over the next week and providing some highlights in the next Amplify issue. It’s time we had a career book about our experiences!

Happy reading!

Audrey Galo
Creator & Writer of Amplify
Founder of AG Voiced

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Earlier this year, you might remember I attended a wonderful event by Future for Us, founded by two incredible women of color, Sage Quiamno and Aparna Rae. This Fall they are bringing another incredible event, State of Womxn of Color Roadshow, to a city near you!

“The State of Womxn of Color weaves together rich personal stories of tenacious leaders accompanied by an overview of the data, insights and solutions related to womxn of color at work.”

Save your seat, these events will sell out quickly!

Sept 18 - Los Angeles
Sept 25 - Austin
Sept 26 - Dallas
Oct 1 - Denver
Oct 11 - Portland
Oct 24 - Minneapolis
Nov 8 - Seattle


Events Calendar

Discover over 50 August events for women of color in 15+ cities nationally! Find an event near you! Access the full calendar, here.

Highlighted events for this week:

Aug 22, Portland - Boost Your Confidence
Aug 22, Dallas - Black Women’s Equal Pay Day
Aug 23, Dallas - Dynamic Women of Color
Aug 24, Oakland - Hella Asian - A Night of Diversity in Storytelling
Aug 26, Oakland - Badass Women of Color Negotiators