Who we are

AG Voiced aims to transform the face of leadership.

We offer hands-on, interactive workshops and support that enables you to decipher and overcome work/career environments that are problematic to people of color, queer, immigrant, women or non-binary individuals.



Audrey Galo, Founder

They told me I wouldn’t make it, but I did
They expected me to fail, but I didn’t
They were surprised by my success, but I wasn’t
They want me to give up, but I won’t.

My career is best described as a mosaic with each piece a different experience, discipline, skill set, audience, client, collaborator and ambition. I spent my career working in various industries and sectors including arts, architecture, construction, journalism, social change and tech. I managed high-performing teams, accomplished ambitious goals, impacted communities and peoples lives and grew into a leader. 
Throughout my career and leadership development, I searched for resources and people to help in my journey. The management/leadership books I read and the people I listened to offered important advice but something was missing. I was unable to find resources that addressed the unique, complex and uncomfortable challenges I was facing being a queer, Latinx, woman working in industries led and managed by white men.
AG Voiced is my response to the leadership gap. It's my first step in making sure that we all have the tools, skills and energy to pursue our careers, to thrive in our workplaces and to emerge as leaders.

Let me know how I can support you on your leadership journey.