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Changing the face of leadership


to create equitable workplaces.


AG Voiced is disrupting the status quo - white, male dominated workplaces - by growing and empowering leaders, like you, across the social change, tech and design industries. AG Voiced offers group workshops and 1:1 support that addresses the unique career challenges of people who live at the intersections of their race, gender, social class, immigration and sexuality. AG Voiced works with companies, teams, groups and individuals to help you on the path to success.


Group Workshops for all career stages and leadership experience

Wishing you had career and leadership training directed to your unique experiences as an “underrepresented” professional. We offer you the tools, skills and perspectives to reach your leadership goals. 


Are you experiencing a bumpy transition from the classroom to the office? You’re working twice as hard to get noticed. And feeling like you’re not able to create genuine connections with your colleagues and manager. You’re unsure how to plan for your career. Let us help you build the foundation for your future success.


You’ve reached a career plateau and haven’t tapped your full potential. You’re on the cusp of burnout and your path to success feels distant. We can help you revamp your career path and look for common pitfalls in your next move. You will learn to craft your authentic story; told in your own voice and on your own terms.


Tackling your biggest leadership challenge yet or you know you’d benefit from a leadership “compass” to help guide you forward? Let us help you expand your leadership toolbox so you can deliver amazing results, make your vision a reality and lead others confidently.